Why Flea Prefer Your Carpet

Why Flea Prefer Your Carpet?

Dogs and cats aren't the only hosts of fleas. These tiny wingless parasites also live in carpets because they mistake the fabric for fur. They don't survive that long on carpets though, so they need to latch on to new living hosts. It's important to get rid of fleas in your carpets to protect you and your pets' health.

In ridding a home of these biting little invaders, the carpet is always the ultimate battlefield. It's fibrous and moist which gives fleasthe sensation that they are ensconced in their natural happy home of animal fur. It's the all-around perfect place for breedingfleas, too.


The flea eggs and larvae, once embedded in carpeting, are very difficult to kill. Their pernicious life cycles necessitate great and vigorous care in getting rid of them. In this war, it is better to have an assault that is too large than one that is too small.

Why Flea Prefer Your Carpet

After your pets have been treated, a major indoor and outdoor house assault is necessary to fully address the infestation. Be prepared to throw out any fabric that fleas can cling to, including old clothing, sheets, pillowcases and throw rugs. If items can be washed safely for reuse, do so. Soap is another great enemy of fleas, but remember that carpet infestations can happen again quickly. Fleas love moist places so make certain any thing you do wash is thoroughly dried before using it again. Eggs that remain will hatch and leap back on to your pets. The fleas will then journey onto your carpets again. The hell will begin anew.

To start the war, furniture and other items must be vacuumed. It is usually best to move all items outside for this. That leaves the territory open for the real war to begin. You shouldn't put the vacuum away yet. It'll be the most important weapon in your arsenal.

Twenty-four hours prior to the vacuuming, you should sprinkle a mixture of salt and Borax on the household carpets. This will destroy any flea eggs. You'll want to take care with Borax around colored fabric since it does unspeakable things to them. Beyond that, Borax is amazingly safe for people and pets. It is, however, death to most insects including fleas. You may use a garden rake to make sure the mixture gets into the carpet crevices in order to dry out the flea habitat.

Wash All Your CarpetsWhile vacuuming your carpets will get rid of many carpet fleas, not all of them may be sucked in by the vacuum cleaner. To get rid of all the small fleas that might be stuck in your carpets' fabric, wash your carpets regularly in hot, soapy water. You can also use a steam cleaner to wipe out all the carpet fleas that may have escaped the vacuum cleaner.

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Apply Carpet TreatmentsCarpet treatments that contain bendiocarbs, allethrin, and chlorpyrifos are very useful in getting rid of carpet fleas. Read the label carefully to know how exactly to use the product. Some treatments are specially made for carpet beetles, which are different from carpet fleas. Call the manufacturer if the product is effective against both parasites. Also, remember to read product reviews before buying any carpet treatment for your home.

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